To coordinate ITS initiatives, the Megapolis [Lab] plans high-level, long-term organizational goals, strategic direction, performance management and process management, as well as addressing day-to-day operational concerns like resource management, operational planning and strategy alignment. We believe that a company’s corporate strategy both guides and is influenced by its technological capabilities. Our industry experts take a unique approach to engagements by working with business leaders to initially understand corporate goals and then determine what technological capabilities, systems and support they require to succeed.

Like most software companies, we are passionate about our products. But first we are passionate about our customers. We’re here for your benefit. This drives what we do and how we behave. We strive for excellence in everything – from product development to sales and customer support.

Megapolis [Lab] is a group of enthusiastic developers and business men and women who think and act as an extension to our customer’s product development. A team of people that aren’t afraid to get creative when it comes to finding a flexible business model or roll up our sleeves when it comes to debugging that important new product being readied for the production line.

Our goal is for you to have a positive, “Wow!” experience every time you contact Megapolis Lab customer support. Our mission is rather simple; Megapolis[Lab] is committed to helping its customers bring their products to market faster while reducing overall system development costs.
We built our reputation on providing superior firmware technology, innovative software solutions and second-to-none engineering and project management support services. If you haven’t already had an opportunity to work with Megapolis[Lab], we encourage you to ask someone who has.